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Two Walnut Streets in Lebanon Require One of Them to Change Names

Did you know that up until last week, the city of Lebanon actually had two Walnut Streets?

The big Walnut Street is the one that everyone knows as Route 422 East on the south side of town. But there was also a smaller Walnut Street on Lebanon’s north side that was hardly well known, but existed, just the same.

The smaller Walnut Street runs east to west from Edison Street to North 10th Street, and is mostly unpaved and overgrown with tall grass and weeds. There are no homes or businesses along it.

But it’s on the city maps, which was a real problem for Lebanon County’s Department of Emergency Services.

Mayor Sherry Capello told city council recently she was asked by D-E-S Director Bob Dowd to change the name of the north side Walnut Street, so she took to finding a new, unused name:

She also noticed that many streets in particular parts of town have similarly-themed names. The mayor decided to stick with that tradition:

And so the new name that was adopted was Apricot Street.

Mayor Capello said she’s aware of at least one other occurence of two coty streets having the same name. She will be checking with Lebanon County Planning and Department of Emergency Services to make sure there are no other duplicates.