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State Rep Seeks Investigation Into CYS Computer System

A state lawmaker is demanding some answer about the status of a children and youth services computer system project, prompted by the murder of a Bucks County girl who’s case was mishandled by C-Y-S.

Republican House Maker Karen Boback says she was told in 2019 that the Department of Human Services was working on an integrated statewide Child Protective Services Case Management System that would allow Pennsylvania’s various children and youth agencies to communicate directly with each other and access records across county lines:

A resolution approved by the House Children and Youth Committee directs the Joint State Government Commission to complete the study and report on the status of the computer system.

Representative Boback wants very specific questions answered:

Officials say information gaps in the system led to the 2016 murder of 14-year old Grace Packer of Bucks County by her adoptive mother and the woman’s boyfriend.

In her short life, Packer was a client of Children and Youth Services in three different counties.