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Palmyra School Board Keeps Masks Optional for Now

It took over two and a half hours, but 30 residents of the Palmyra School District had their say when it comes to the question of a mandatory mask mandate in the schools when classes start on Monday. There were impassioned pleas on both sides of the issue.

Parent Trish Layden asked that masks remain optional, because she worries they could cause children, especially the younger ones, to backslide in their development:

But her position was countered by Julie Battistelli, who said her kids don’t love wearing masks but see the benefit of them, especially as Covid cases continue to surge:

After the parents were done, there was another hour of discussion among board members and administrators. In the end, however, there was not enough support to change the current health and safety plan, leaving Board President Chris Connell with only one option:

However, the School Board left open the possibility for revisions and further mitigation plans, which could be approved as early as their next meeting, September 9th.