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PA Coalition Against Rape Blasts Diamond Post

A recent Facebook post on 102nd District State Representative Russ Diamond’s Legislative Facebook page has ignited a firestorm between him and thousands of commenters… over the inappropriateness of the item. And now, the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape has gotten into the fray.

Diamond posted on August 23rd: “There’s a word for that. What’s it called when someone sticks something into your body against your will? Or coerces you to let them?”

PCAR spokesman Jim Willshier tells Lebanon Valley News, many victims of sexual violence reached out to them, concerned that the post trivialized or even mocked rape and sexual assault:

But Diamond has refused to do so, saying it’s an analogy. However, on that same Facebook thread, he later posted that the vaccine is akin to sexual assault. He said voluntary sex is fine, but forcing someone to have sex is wrong.

Willshier doesn’t buy Diamond’s clever wordsmithing:

Lebanon Valley News reached out to Representative Diamond for response.

He forwarded a short email sent to Willshier Thursday evening, calling PCAR’s news release about his Facebook post, “as disingenuous as it gets.”

Representative Diamond went on to say his post was about forced or coerced vaccinations, not about getting vaccinated of one’s own free will.