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Omicron Surge Taking Its Toll on Hospital Staffs

Dr. Peter W. Dillon, Chief Clinical Officer, Penn State Health

How are Central Pennsylvania’s hospitals bearing the weight of this latest surge in Omicron variant Covid-19 cases?

Dr. Peter Dillon, Chief Clinical Officer with Penn State Health says it’s making the times quite challenging.

He spoke about the strain that the Omicron variant has placed on healthcare workers during a Zoom news conference last week, saying its been especially difficult to safeguard hospital personnel:

In addition to the impact of the Omicron variant on Covid caseloads, influenza has also come roaring back this year, on top of the normal acute and chronic illnesses that hospitalize people on a regular basis.

Asked how the public can help, Dr. Dillon repeated the same advice that’s been around for the past year:

Dr. Dillon is also encouraging everyone to get a flu shot, to stay home from school or work if experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms and to consult with a family physician before coming to the emergency room.

However, he stress that if anyone believes they’re having a heart attack or stroke, don’t put off getting care and call 911 immediately.