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No Property Tax Increase in Lebanon in 2022

Good news for property owners within the city of Lebanon:

Mayor Sherry Capello Wednesday night, during the city’s first budget hearing regarding the proposed fiscal blueprint for 2022.

Property owners with a home assessed at the average city value of 103-thousand dollars will continue to pay around 473-dollars in city property taxes next year.

But delving into the budget, the mayor said there will be a decrease in total assessed value of city properties:

Using a carryover of 2.6-million dollars from this year to start 2022, plus 12.6-million dollars in anticipated revenue next year, the city’s 15.3-million dollar budget is balanced.

A second budget hearing is scheduled for this Monday at 4:45PM, then a special meeting is set for Wednesday to formally introduce next year’s budget.

Final adoption set for the end of the month.