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New Details About Fatal LPD Shooting Revealed

DA Pier Hess Graf holds a news conference April 7th, flanked by Lebanon City and County Law Enforcement regarding the shooting incident that claimed the life of Lt. William Lebo.

More details regarding the domestic incident March 31st that led to the line of duty shooting death of Lebanon Police Lt. William Lebo were disclosed yesterday by Lebanon County District Attorney Pier Hess Graf, during a news conference in which numerous Lebanon Police officers, Chief Todd Breiner, Mayor Sherry Capello, County Detectives and other law enforcement personnel stood behind her.

Graf disclosed that the stepfather of shooter Travis Shaud came home to discover Shaud’s car parked in his driveway. When he went to the rear door of his home, it had been smashed in.

The man never entered his home nor confronted Shaud. Rather, he called for police:

It was at that point that Lt. Lebo and officers Derrick Underkoffler, Ryan Adams and Chris McCarrick attempted to enter the home, announcing their presence and asking Shaud to come out peaceably.

With Lebo in front carrying a police shield and his drawn firearm, Shaud approached with his hands concealed and refused to obey commands. He grabbed a nearby gun and fired three initial rounds, which struck Lebo and Underkoffler:

The shooting investigation revealed that Shaud fired at least seven bullets at police, and his autopsy showed that he was struck and killed as a result of multiple gunshot wounds.

Graf said after neutralizing Shaud, McCarrick carried Underkoffler to safety then went back into the home and remained with Lebo, rendering aid until medics arrived to take over.

Although he was wounded, Officer Adams was able to radio for more police backup.

Graf said the community expects the police to suit up, patrol our streets and protect and serve each of us. On March 31st, she said Lebanon Police officers showed themselves to be brave and honorable to the utmost degree.