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Medical Strike Team Arrives at Wellspan York

A medical strike team assigned by the Department of Defense is helping Wellspan York Hospital deal with this latest surge of Covid-19 patients inundating that hospital.

The team, made up of 20 Air Force members, has been on the job since last Monday and includes four doctors, 14 nurses, and two respiratory therapists.

They’re commanded by Lt. Colonel Scott Jensen, who spoke to area reporters during a Zoom news conference last Thursday, alongside Wellspan Health officials.

He was asked if their current, 30-day mission will be long enough to see if Covid hospitalizations go down:

Among the strike team members is Major Michelle Lee, an Endocrinologist and board-certified Internist, who’s helping out as needed:

But even if they end their mission as currently scheduled, Wellspan CEO Roxanna Gapstur says it’s been incredibly helpful having these extra medical personnel at York Hospital:

The team was brought in after the governor requested help from FEMA.