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Local Man Rescues Woman & Two Kids from Crashed Car

Tom Forbes, operator of the new Millard Mansion Bed & Breakfast in South Annville Township (from Facebook).

A harrowing several minutes late Tuesday afternoon for Tom Forbes, the operator of the new Millard Mansion bed & breakfast in South Annville Township.

He was traveling through Annville around 5:30pm Tuesday, when he came upon a terrible accident scene in which a van coming from a side street T-boned a woman’s car and the impact caused her to plow into a home along the 400-block of West Main Street.

Speaking on WLBR’s “Talk of the Town” Newsmaker segment, Forbes said he arrived to the crash site mere moments after it occurred:

He said he somehow hoisted the woman out of the wreckage but then spotted an infant and a young girl strapped in their car seats in the back.

Forbes knew they had to be rescued but the driver’s seat was stuck:

Despite a number of people standing in front of the VFW building, Forbes said that woman was the only person who offered assistance before EMS arrived.

But this isn’t the first time he’s saved someone from a burning vehicle:

Forbes says helping people who need it is in his DNA:

An accident report from Annville Township Police has yet to be issued concerning this crash.