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Litz Exits Leadership of Swatara Watershed Association

Jo Ellen Litz (left) and another member of the Swatara Watershed Association flank new President and VP, Bethany Canner and Mike Adams

The longtime leader of a Regional Clean Water Advocacy group has exited the top spot to make way for a new generation of leadership.

Even before Jo Ellen Litz was first elected as a Lebanon County Commissioner in November of 1995, she was heading up the Swatara Watershed Association.

Although it was first incorporated in 1970, the group quickly fell dormant after its inception and stayed that well for over a decade.

Litz took over as President in 1988, putting her passion for protecting the region’s clean water resources into action. She learned to value clean water after personally encountering the impact of polluted water as a child:

Litz has been at the forefront of most of the Swatara Watershed Association’s biggest achievements, from obtaining major concessions for the Pine Grove Landfill at the headwaters to the “Swattie,” to identifying the vassil junkyard as a major polluter of the waterway.

But a few weeks ago, Bethany Canner was elected President and Litz is thrilled with the choice:

Mike Adams was elected Vice President of the association.

Litz says she’ll continue to be an active member of the Swatara Watershed Association and will serve as a consultant, if needed.