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Lebco Fire School Facing Water Cost Woes

Jay Rhoades, William Kale, Lee Spencer (l to r) discuss Fire School financial woes at County Commissioners meeting 12/16/21.

Lebanon County’s Fire Training School, which sits behind Lebanon County Career and Technology Center is beset with financial woes that has its leaders very concerned.

Over the past year, the school has incurred a number of new costs related to the water supply at the training facility, which is used by Lebanon County Firefighters as well as others from around the region.

With the assistance of Chief County Administrator Jamie Wolgemuth, three of the fire school’s leaders shared their plight with county commissioners at their December 16th meeting.

Wolgemuth said the fire school recently started being charged by the Lebanon Authority for Water they use during training, which had been unmetered since the school’s inception:

But Fire School Chief Facilitator, Jay Rhoades said it’s the water authority’s maintenance fee for their fire hydrants that’s really killing them, financially:

Rhoades says the school is going to do all it can to manage these new bills, but they really need some outside help or an arrangement with the Lebanon Authority to reduce some of their charges.

Meantime, county commissioners have agreed to increase their annual contribution to the fire school from $15,000 to $20,000 starting next year.