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Lebanon VAMC Dedicates Behavioral Health Clinic

Dr. Piro Rjepaj (holding scissors left) and Dr. Jaconda Lightburn (holding scissors right) snip the ribbon on the new Oupatient Behavioral Health Clinic in Bldg. 18 at Lebanon VAMC.
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The giant, ceremonial scissors were wielded yesterday morning on the second floor of Building 18 at the Lebanon V-A Medical Center, to snip the ribbon on the expanded Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic now serving the veterans of South Central Pennsylvania.

Lebanon V-A Chief Operating Officer and Associate Director, Dr. Jaconda Lightburn explained the services that the newly-renovated area will provide:

She said it’s the first of a three-phase plan for the Behavioral Health Unit and cost 1.8-million dollars to complete.

Associate Chief of Staff, Dr. Piro Rjepaj said this new space represents the latest in behavioral healthcare available:

The clinic has 18 consultation rooms, one nurse triage station, three group rooms and a new waiting area with check-in space, giving veterans a comfortable space with a focus on reducing stress and anxiety, collaborative care and timely access to mental health services.