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Lebanon Police Secure a Grant for Body Worn Cameras

If you interact with Lebanon Police Officers, you’ll notice they’re sporting a new piece of equipment mounted right in the middle of their uniform shirts. It’s a body worn camera that will record officers’ interactions with citizens.

Last night during their work session, Lebanon Police Chief Todd Breiner gave a full presentation about them to City Council.

He said the L-P-D received a grant from the Pennsylvania Commission on crime and delinquency to purchase the cameras and pay for the first year of cloud storage for the videos they will record.

The cameras are activated manually by the officers at the start of an interaction, and will record in color and with full audio.

Breiner demonstrated his camera which was in “covert mode,” meaning none of the small lights or displays on it were lit.

The body cams arrived in late September and officers have been receiving training throughout this month. Chief Breiner expects the entire city police force to be trained by November.