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Lebanon Police Lt. Killed in the Line of Duty Thursday

Lebanon County DA Pier Hess Graf discusses Thursday’s shooting incident that claimed the life of Lt. William Lebo, flanked by Lebanon Police and Detectives, Mayor Sherry Capello (behind her) and Police Chief Todd Breiner (2nd from left).
Lebanon Law Enforcement Badges are now covered with a black stripe to signify the death of a police officer.

The Lebanon Police Department is experiencing the worst loss that any police force can endure, the death of one of their own killed in the line of duty.

Thursday afternoon around 3:36pm, police were dispatched to a domestic disturbance call to 1108 Forest Street, allegedly involving two male relatives.

But as District Attorney Pier Hess Graf revealed Friday morning during a news conference, the incident was actually a forcible burglary committed by 34-year old Travis Shaud upon a relative’s home. Shaud had not lived at that residence for years.

64-year old Lt. William Lebo was among the four uniformed police officers who attempted to enter the home, but as they did, Shaud opened fire:

Lt. Lebo served on the Lebanon Police Department for 40 years and was just one month away from his retirement.

Lebanon Mayor Sherry Capello also spoke at this morning’s news conference, identifying the two police officers who were also shot:

She said the L-P-D remains focused on the tragic loss of Lt. Lebo, and the full recovery of Officers Adams and Underkoffler:

The district attorney noted that Shaud had a long history of mental illness and had refused attempts made by his family to get him help. His criminal background included a Protection From Abuse Order and prior domestic assaults.

Graf said the Forest Street home was filled with guns and the weapon Shaud used to shoot the officers was from that home.