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Lebanon Democrats Welcome Shapiro, Davis, to Town Thursday

Atty. Gen. Josh Shapiro (right), Democratic Gubernatorial candidate answers questions March 24th at Lebanon Democratic Party Headquarters, as Democratic Lt. Governor candidate Austin Davis (left) looks on.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro brought his gubernatorial campaign to the Lebanon Democratic Party headquarters on South 6th Street Thursday afternoon, talking with supporters, taking “selfies” and firing up the party faithful:

He shared the stage during his visit with his Lt. Governor selection, State Rep. Austin Davis of Allegheny County.

Davis is seen as a person who can help shore up western PA support, since Shapiro is well known in the eastern part of the state, having served as a Montgomery County Commissioner and four-term state house member prior to becoming AG.

During his introduction, Davis said he’s looking forward to taking on the big fights and delivering for working class Pennsylvanians alongside Shapiro:

For his part, Shapiro said if history is any guide, this year’s governor’s race is going to be close:

He said that’s why he and Davis are making stops in all 67 Pennsylvania counties; even the ones that are traditionally not vote-rich for Democrats, like Lebanon County:

Although they’re campaigning as a team, voters must elect each of them separately in the May 17th primary election. Shapiro is unopposed, but Davis has two other challengers also seeking the Democratic Party nomination for Lt. Governor.