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Lebanon City Hall Ahead of Schedule

The global supply chain and the need to find able-bodied workers to fill open positions is still very much a problem in this country, especially in the construction fields.

But those issues have provided only the most minor of challenges for the city of Lebanon, as the renovation to turn the former HACC-Lebanon building into Lebanon City Hall moves forward.

During last Thursday’s pre-council work session, the Lebanon Valley Daily News asked Mayor Sherry Capello for an update on the project.

She said supply chain shortages presented only a few inconveniences to the city’s construction team:

There was also an issue with the roof trusses initially proposed for the police parking garage, but the architects were able to modify plans and use other roof trusses that were available.

There was also more good news from the mayor:

City council was told they will probably be holding their May meetings in their new digs.