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Lebanon City Council Expresses Loss Over Death of Lt. Lebo

Lebanon City Council on 4/25/22 as a resolution recording a deep sense of loss for Lt. William Lebo is discussed.
Lebanon Police Chief Todd Breiner listens, as Police Lt. William Lebo’s death is discussed.

The sense of loss and grief related to the line of duty death of Lebanon Police Lt. William Lebo on March 31st is still palpable within the city police force and it continues to affect all corridors of Lebanon city and county government.

Monday night, City Council offered a resolution recording its deep sense of loss about Lt. Lebo’s death.
Council President Joe Morales read from the resolution prior to its adoption:

He added that he had the honor of driving in the funeral procession to the Giant Center and having been through a number of funerals during his military career, he never saw such a show of support like the one he saw during that procession:

Mayor Sherry Capello added that the entire community is firmly in support of the Lebanon Police Department:

City Council’s resolution in honor of Lt. Lebo passed unanimously.