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Judge Tylwalk Discusses End of Renaissance Crossroads Program

Lebanon County President Judge John Tylwalk

For the two decades that Lebanon County has operated the Renaissance Crossroads Addiction Treatment Program as an alternative to state prison time for men convicted of certain felony drug charges, President Judge John Tylwalk has overseen the program and been one of its biggest proponents.

He sat down with the Lebanon Valley Daily News on Tuesday to share his thoughts about the program’s imminent demise.

While staffing shortages are among the reasons it will not be continuing, Tylwalk said the other big reason has to with a change in state sentencing guidelines under the “Triple-R-I,” or “Recidivism Risk Reduction Incentive.”

He explained how that works:

Tylwalk said the county’s 20 years offering Renaissance Crossroads has made a profound difference for hundreds of people who worked through the program, primarily because it wasn’t just about getting clean and sober.

There were extensive life coaching aspects, such as finding affordable housing and keeping up with steady employment so that graduates left the program ready to deal with life:

Some of the current Renaissance Crossroads clients will be directed towards the county’s day reporting center. Over 165 men have successfully completed the program.