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City Residents Kept the Wreath Red

The “Keep the Wreath Red” wreath outside Lebanon’s Perseverance Fire Station at 8th & Orange Streets.

The Lebanon Bureau of Fire is reporting its best year ever, when it comes to the annual “Keep the Wreath Red” campaign.

Each year from Thanksgiving Eve through New Year’s Day, large wreaths festooned with red lights adorn city fire stations and several other locations around town. Whenever there’s a preventable fire during that period, one of the red lightbulbs on the wreaths is changed to white.

During the 2021 campaign, city Fire Commissioner Duane Trautman says he only had to change two light bulbs to white and neither incident produced significant damage:

So, are the messages about fire safety working here in Lebanon?

Despite being thankful that the holiday season was uneventful for fires, Trautman still reminds everyone that the start of a new year is a good time to check smoke detectors in your home. Make sure the batteries are installed and the detectors are in good working order.

Also, check your fire extinguishers, which every home should have and if you use natural gas in your home, make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector that also has fresh batteries and is working.