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Biz Leader Says Corp. Tax Rate in PA Must Be Lowered

Gene Barr, President and CEO of the PA Chamber of Business & Industry

A statewide public advocacy initiative from the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business & Industry will be launching soon, urging state lawmakers to make the commonwealth more competitive by lowering the corporate net income tax rate. 

During a stop in Lebanon last week, Gene Barr, President and CEO of the state chamber said the current 9.99% corporate tax rate is what kept micro-chip maker Intel from building their new, $20 billion facility in the keystone state:

Barr said it’s one thing to lose out in a competitive bidding war, but Pennsylvania wasn’t even invited to the party.

He said the public awareness campaign will be targeted at business and industry leaders, with the goal of getting them to lobby state lawmakers:

Barr said the failure of both democratic and republican state lawmakers to get this done is possibly the biggest reason why Pennsylvania continues to lose population and congressional representation after each ten year census.