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Actually, There are 24 Who Want to Fill Ames’ Seat

The Lebanon Valley Daily News has a correction to the list of candidates seeking to fill the seat of late County Commissioner Bill Ames, who passed away December 28th.

According to Lebanon County Court Administration, there are more than 17 names on the list we previously reported. There are 24 people who applied for the open county commission seat.

The additional names omitted include Michael L. Barnhart, Robert M. Griffiths, James Houser, Daniel Kreider, Adrian Layser, Steven M. Wolfe, and Sharon Zook.

We apologize for the omission of these individuals in the original report.

All candidate applications will be reviewed by Lebanon County’s Court of Common Pleas Judges and the eventual replacement will be selected by a vote of the judges.

The complete list of candidates is as follows:

Rick Barlow, Michael L. Barnhart, William Bering Jr., David “Chip” Brightbill, Sean Carrig, David Dinunzio, D. John Grace Jr., Robert M. Griffiths, James Houser, Thomas M. Houtz, Daniel Kreider, Mike Kuhn, Adrian Layser, Natalie Redcay, John A. Schlegel, Matthew Shirk, Lee Spencer, Jeff Steckbeck, Larry Stohler, Mike Wahmann, David Warner Jr., Steven M. Wolfe, Dan Wright, and Sharon Zook.